About us

Antap International is a meat, food and general grocery import and export business. We commenced trading in September 2014 with our main focus being on trade within the South Pacific region. The company is part of the BNG Trading Co group which is Papua New Guinea’s oldest and most successful import and distribution business. BNG Trading Co was establish in 1924 and now included Papua Niugini Freezers, which is PNG’s largest freezer facility and Smallgoods processor. Antap has a combined history of over 90 years’ experience with international business, sales and marketing of meat, proteins and general food and grocery products.


We supply a wide range of products throughout the South Pacific from Australian and New Zealand with Beef, Lamb & Mutton, Pork, Poultry, Seafood and Dairy being amongst our largest commodities. Our range has expanded further to now include commodities and consumer goods, such as Sugar, Rice, Flour, Cooking Oil, Snack Foods, Bottled Water and Cleaning products to name a few. Antap has its head office in Sydney with regional offices in Port Moresby (PNG) and in Suva (Fiji), where we work closely with local producers to market origin products throughout our customer base within the South Pacific.


The Antap Internationals and BNG Trading Company team can provide our South Pacific trade partners with access to an extensive range of services including:

  1. Senior Traders specializing in Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry and Complementary Products
  2. Combined purchasing power
  3. Up-to-date industry based market information
  4. Expert product knowledge
  5. Expert technical knowledge and experience in Food service, Retail and Manufacturing sectors
  6. Australian, New Zealand, Fijian and PNG operational and logistical support solutions
  7. Operational and Logistical support solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG and the broader Pacific region.


Our vision is to offer our trading partners a superior range of meat, food and general grocery products representing real value with exceptional service and operational support.


“Antap International prides itself on being customer focused with a proactive professional team that work with our customers to understand their individual needs”


In addition to our extensive supply chain we are also able to offer our trading partners:

  1. International trading offices in Sydney Australia, Port Moresby PNG and Suva Fiji
  2. Consistent long-term supply from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Asia
  3. Broad-based export and import solutions with documentation, logistics, customs clearing and delivery services
  4. Financial Integrity and multi-currency trading (AUD, KINA, USD, NZD and FJD)
  5. Cargo consolidation from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
  6. Favourable and flexible trading terms
  7. Experiences technical support


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