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Antap International is a leading food, general grocery, commodities, and export trading enterprise. Our operations began in September 2014, with a primary objective of sourcing products from around the world for the Pacific region.

Antap New Zealand is a subsidiary of Antap International, Expanding our services and product range into and from New Zealand.

Export from New Zealand

We export an array of quality products from New Zealand to the Australia and South Pacific region. Some of our largest commodities include beef, lamb, mutton, pork, poultry, seafood, dairy and Fresh produce. Antap works closely with local producers to trade origin products throughout our market. Offering speed to market solutions for fresh produce.



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Our Product Range

We trade a wide range of food, beverage, Commodities and non-food products. This includes some of the most recognised multinational brands, as well as niche or local products.

What Antap New Zealand Offers

Top quality products

Antap consistently meets the highest standards in every operation, and holds our suppliers to the same standards.

Customer focused

Our experienced team works with customers to understand and adapt to their individual needs

Safe and hygienic

Food safety culture is deeply ingrained in every stage of our daily operations, from supplier selection to retail and distribution processes.


Every individual is responsible for their actions, and we work as a team to keep each other accountable.


Our experienced team works with customers to understand their needs, adapting our approach as their needs evolve.

Why Choose Us to Export from New Zealand?

The experienced Antap team is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of each customer, by using a flexible model that evolves with your needs. We deliver a reliable and efficient experience at every stage of the procurement and trade journey. Not only do we distribute products quickly, but also hold each of our partners and suppliers to the highest standards (quality control and food safety).

Please contact us for the latest competitive prices if you require a quotation for sea or air exportation.
High demand: NZ sales have been increasing since launching the NZ Export department in April 23
Trading flexibility and purchasing options (multi-currency, in-country PGK,NZD,USD)
Dual trading offices with ground support in Australia and PNG
Ability to create tailored OEM brands (food and non-food)
Extensive industry knowledge based on the latest market intelligence

Contact us

To explore new opportunities and streamline your export operations.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you in expanding your global reach and maximizing your export potential.