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20-30 Ultrablack Bulls

Sold Yearly


Herd Market Value

11,350 Acres

Livestock Properties



Livestock Trading from Australia

Antap also owns a backgrounding property at Piallaway on the edge of the fertile Liverpool Plains. Young cattle are transported from the mid-north coast properties to the north-west where they are grown out on winter cereal crops.

The Antap Livestock Trading division also buys and fattens external trade cattle at feedlots in north-west NSW.

Angus beef is famous for its juiciness and tenderness. This is why we’ve enhanced our Angus herd with Ultra black bulls, to produce a high yielding quality carcase for domestic and export markets.

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The professional Antap team is dedicated to meeting the individual requirements of each customer, by using a flexible model that adapts to your needs. We guarantee a reliable and efficient experience at every stage of the procurement and trade journey. We deliver products quickly and hold all of our partners to the highest standards.

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